We have a great track record of not needing to return back to jobs for snagging. It is easier to complete a job correctly the first time than keeping having to come back. This being said, timber is a natural product and our products have many moving parts. Sometimes minor adjustments can be required on hinges/locks after our products have settled into their frames. 


Our friendly aftercare team is on hand to advise, assist and remedy any teething or snagging issues that may occur on occasion. We store details of each project/installation on file, enabling us to source replacement parts quickly and without hassle. Providing the products are still under our comprehensive guarantee, we will supply these free of charge.

If you are an existing customer that requires aftercare, please fill in the form in as much detail as possible and we will get in touch.


Kensington Sash Group Ltd

The Refinery

13 Radnor Walk, Chelsea

London SW3 4BP

tel: 020 3105 8554

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