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We tailor our services  specifically for each client,  giving you peace of mind that your requirements and desires will be met just as you expect.

  • Technical Services
    We offer all of our clients a full range of technical services and support, with our in-house design team creating bespoke solutions for each sliding window, casement window or door system. Our in-house CAD team creates complete production drawings and thermal calculations for every item we manufacture. If required, we can provide architects and planning authorities with complete CAD drawings of your project to ensure items meet your personal specifications and building regulations.
  • Planning Applications
    Speak to our in-house professional planning consultant to explore different solutions to progressing your conservation area/listed building project. We offer a friendly and personal service with free initial consultations and advice. If your house is of listed status or in a conservation area with an Article 4 Direction (which restricts work you can normally do without planning permission), you are likely to require consent to replace or make any alterations to windows. Liaising with local planning authorities on the clients' behalf, Kensington Sash can seamlessly bring conservation projects from take-off to completion, supplying sample materials, designs, and CAD diagrams to support the application process.
  • Condition Surveys
    Kensington Sash can conduct a thorough window condition survey, assessing and determining the best option for your project, whether it's window repairs/restoration or full window replacement. Our surveyors will collaborate closely with you to determine the survey criteria as well as the survey schedule design. We can then put together a work plan programme based on the survey results and, with your permission, implement it in-house.
  • Cost Consultancy
    The efficient control of costs is crucial to meeting our client's project objectives and achievements. We assist our clients by taking a proactive, hands-on, and inventive approach to cost and value management at every level of the project. We assist our clients in the following ways in practise: - Cost management of projects throughout their lifecycle - Cost planning and cost modelling - Building surveying and condition surveys - Contractual and procurement advisory services
  • 3D Modelling
    To support all types of construction projects, we now have the technology to create even the most technically demanding 3D models of existing conditions. With short production times, these highly detailed 3D construction models provide accurate real-world context to support planning, construction, and operation decisions at every phase of a project’s life cycle. We can supply the level of detail you require, whether it's detailed building information modelling or a basic set of elevation drawings. Our engineering-ready 3D reality system results in fine detail, sharp edges, and geometric precision. Kensington Sash generates 3D building models of major projects on a routine basis to assist us in visualising the challenges involved to better inform our clients.
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