Draught Proofing

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Over a long period of time, usage and exposure to the elements, sash windows and timber doors can become draughty causing them to rattle and cause general discomfort in your home. Fortunately there is an inexpensive way of fixing these issues without altering the appearance of the window/door. Our Draught Proofing system, not only eliminates the cold draughts and unpleasant rattling but improves the overall performance of your traditional sash windows and timber doors. You will notice reductions in noise pollution giving you a better nights sleep, smoothly operating top and bottom sashes allowing you to finally use the window that has been painted shut again.

You should draught proof your windows if: 

  • They are rattling in their frame

  • A draught is coming in through the window

  • The general condition of the window is sound i.e. structurally

  • If either sash is painted shut or fixed.

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